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Persistence pays off but...


Although someone who has special abilities, knowledge and/or special skills, it might be very rare to be best advantage of the capabilities in their professional work.

In many cases, people don’t realize their own remarkable skill, and they just work without bring their hidden talent.

So do I.

I have loved maps since I was a child, therefore I majored in geography at university but now the knowledge only helps me where I find port of loading/port of discharging on map unfortunately,

However, if you keep staying in the same job (occupation) or work in the same industry for a long time, you will accumulate extensive hands-on experiences, which will create a synergy effect on your abilities.

An artisan repeats the same work for decades, then they can be a master to pursue their greatest work.

I think businesspeople are the same.

If you keep changing your jobs regardless of your gained experience, specialized field, or industry, you might be able to obtain completely new knowledge, but only superficial experience. It will never elevate your abilities.

Even though you don't like your current job, or it doesn't suit you, you'll come to like it over time and the job will suit you.

Three years on a (cold) stone (will make the stone warm) is often said.

In my young days, I didn't know what kind of job would suit me, and honestly even now remain murky.

However, I believe, if you concentrate all your energies into your current job and work with mind that think about how I can contribute people (customers) and society, you can always maintain enthusiasm and motivation. There is no goal, but there will be a life full of passion. You will realize there are still so much valuable experience to accumulate.

Additionally, there might be many qualifications required in your job. If you would like to step up your job grade, you must challenge to obtain them. For example, if you work for a customs brokerage company, you must pass customs specialist examination. Otherwise, you need help from someone who has the license forever to make your job completed because none license holder cannot submit any declarations to Customs.

Much the same is true on other jobs and industries.

Thus, not only experience, but you must also get related qualifications to your job if you want to be the professional.

Experience and Qualification.

You can't be a professional if either of them is missing.

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