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About Logistida Japan

Logistida Japan was born in Dec 2020 when the world faced a difficult challenge of coronavirus catastrophe. 
Despite the small company, we have a great dream and try to get out of this hardship and make our opportunity.

Importance of logistics is now recognized by everyone under the coronavirus pandemic.

However, just because major global logistics companies are well known, do they fit your business? Can they meet your expectations or bring results even beyond your expectations? 

Members of Logistida Japan are all professional and familiar with overseas business. 
Expand your business opportunity - Logistida Japan will illuminate your future business possibilities like the sun. 
("Logistida" comes form two words: "Logistics" and "Tida" that means sun in Okinawan dialect)

Logistida Japan's corporate identity

We adapt to rapidly changing social situations, understand the diverse needs, combine individual strengths, create innovative service with an unconventional idea in order to contribute to the further development of our clients as well as improve convenience and stability to the society. As a result the well-being of the people involved and an individual sense of advancement will be generated. 

Logistida Japan's action guideline - Yonpo Yoshi

"Sanpo Yoshi" is a business philosophy that describes a triple-win for the buyer, the seller, and society. Logistida Japan add one more concept and create

"Yonpo Yoshi" philosophy that describes a quadruple-win.

For buyer

Understand and sympathize our clients' wants and needs and then service we provide should be understood by our clients.
Our service will be completely meaningless unless our clients understand and appreciate it. Always ask yourself if I have empathy enough for our clients and at the same time what we do is fully understood by our clients.

For society

Do not justify your own remissness by blaming economic environment and politics. Plan backward from ideal situation and act what we should do now. Think about how our job contribute to the society. Even though what we do is small thing, be confident that have plenty of meaning for the society.  

For seller

Assume unexpected problems and imagine farther into the future to create higher value.
Repeat asking "why" to the things happened. 
We should not wait and be provided what to do by a company, but we should create what to do by ourselves on business. 
Tackle the tough question when you face difficult challenge, then you will make a big difference to an outcome as a result.

For myself

Take a look back on your task you have done today and ask yourself if that was satisfied with you. If you are not pleased with your work, you cannot satisfy the expectations of your clients at all. 
Believe yourself and believe your colleague and involve other people in your idea and make it come true. 

Company Profile


【Address】 316F, Okinawa Industry Support Center, 

  1831-1, Oroku, Naha-shi, Okinawa 901-0152

【CEO】 Hiroyuki Kira

【Founded in】 Dec 2020

 Customs clearance
 Consulting about trade and logistics
 Consigned freight forwarding business 
 Light motor truck transportation business 
 Packing and other accessory works 
 Agency business of vessels or aircrafts company as well as forwarders 
 Leasing & selling business - container, cargo handling equipment, physical distribution information system 
​ Retail and wholesale business of commodity goods and fashion accessories


More than 20 years experience at logistics department in foreign company such as Chanel and Sephora to establish, operate and manage the supply chain.

Since participated in launch of the duty free store in Okinawa in 2003, I joined Okinawa DFS and worked as a logistics manager for 17 years.

Under sever condition of coronavirus catastrophe, I started a company "Logistida Japan" in Dec 2020 to contribute Okinawa local community in terms of trading and logistics.


​CEO Hiroyuki Kira

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