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What We Do


Handle all sorts of complicated procedures for import and export


​Attend customs inspection on behalf


One-stop service on logistics needs - freight arrangement and paper work etc


Suggest you the best solutions and minimize wasted time and cost


​Accept any logistics requests regardless its size, volume and quantity 

​Logistida Japan meets your needs flexibly and promptly and proposes the best logistics solution using our network over the world. 

We support your business from a logistics standpoint and our expert staff advises best solutions. Please feel free to contact us any issues you may have on trading business.

​Please contact us if you have any logistics problems such as; 

1 you want to transport huge, bulky or heavy products

2 you want to send products by the fastest way 

3 you want to send products at the lowest rate 

4 you want to transport frozen/refrigerated products 

5 you want to send products in small batch 

6 you face difficulties on current import/export operation 

7 you want reconsider the current logistics operation and optimize its cost 

8 you need trading support as you start business with foreign countries for the first time 

9 you want to start ecommerce 

10 you consider outsourcing its logistics department 

11 you need advice for trading as Incoterms are difficult to understand 

12 you want someone specialist to attend a business meeting as you are not familiar with overseas trade 

13 you want to start personal import over the Internet but have very limited knowledge of trading 

Please email us for any logistics questions on your business. 

Logistida Japan will fully support your business to solve logistics problems!

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