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Customs clearance service

Document preparation

Transportation and

Warehouse arrangement

Acceptance and inspection


Inventory clearance

Consulting about trading and Logistics

Customs clearance - SPEEDY -

We handle the clearance promptly and accurately with our experienced staff.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry about import and export business.

We offer you one-stop service on your logistics needs and problems.  

Transportation - FLEXIBLE - 

As Okinawa is surrounded by sea, inland and overseas transportation is limited to air and ship. 

It is important to deal with any unexpected changes in weather quickly and flexibly such as typhoon.

Depending on the situation, we propose you the best solutions at reasonable cost in cooperation with the world's leading freight forwarders for both overseas and inland transportation. 

Solutions - ACCURATE - 

Our team consists of experienced members that handled bonded items for a long time, which requires strict control.  

With our experienced staff, we can provide you comprehensive service such as warehousing, packing, inventory clearance and delivery operation.

In addition, we can suggest logistics solutions on stock control or loss prevention providing the best inventory control system or developing tracking system within your budget.  

Consulting - EXPERT - 

Nowadays, International Commercial Terms are getting complicated and trade expertise and its knowledge is essential to trading business. We, as a specialist of import/export business, can provide you the best trade terms for your business as well as communication support with overseas, especially when you start business with abroad for the first time.

Our service includes;

  1. Declaration for import/export to customs   

  2. Export management service

  3. Import management service

  4. Import procedure for picking up goods (i.e. submission of D/O)  

  5. Notification based on customs law (extinction/loss) 

  6. Presence at customs inspection 

  7. Inland delivery 

  8. Consultation of import/export business contract 

  9. Consultation for personal import 

  10. Packing, inventory control and warehousing operation 

  11. Consultation for efficient warehousing operation 

  12. Prepare necessary documents for article 8 of the Temporary Act for Tariff Measures 

  13. ACP

Please contact us for details to consult other specific requests or inquiry. 

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