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Our approach to the SDGs


Logistida Japan rarely discount without considering. Instead, we provide better quality of service and push to new heights beyond clients' expectation. This results in our desired outcome, protecting our mutual interests, employees and the livelihood of stakeholders.


Logistida Japan creates job opportunities to the developing countries thorough expanded trade and contributes economic development, which protect livelihood of people and save lives of small children.


Logistida Japan reduces overtime work and business entertainment in order to build a happy family. In addition, we never force our business partners to work overtime or work in weekend/holidays. We maintain a work-life balance and share a brilliant future with our employees.

We, as a member of international community, Logistida will address social difficulties especially for Okinawa. 


Logistida Japan builds our career and always keeps our mind studying.

We remain inquisitive mind and curiosity about our job and pass the mind onto the next generation.



Logistida Japan breaks all the conventional rules within the industry and maintain a spirit of innovation.

We are open to change and keep thinking how we can improve.

We pursue the concept of KAIZEN and contribute the industry growth.


Logistida Japan offers employment opportunities to all the people. Eliminating discrimination and recognizing the diversity and we redefine the position with its wide perspective.


Logistida Japan respects the individual intention and opinions to arouse a feeling of enthusiasm. We advance personal development and drive the business growth. We are committed to continuing to improve a working environment to trigger a new idea and let employee appreciate the fun of working.


Logistida Japan loves the beautiful sea of Okinawa. We are committed to protecting the conservation of nature and bequeath a beautiful environment to future generations.


Logistida Japan always obeys the law and the rules and expand a company under the fair competitive society.

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